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Society #26

June 27th, 2008 · 2 Comments

June 2008

Abby told me she knows this guy (whose name I think is Ben) who has a grandmother named Justina, but she insisted that everyone call her Jake. Emily started to read The Adventures of Augie March, but then someone put on Die Hard, so she decided to watch that instead.

I saw Jon Moses, Nick and Maton all riding a bicycle. The same one. Nick was steering, Jon sat on the back, and Maton was on the handlebars. I saw John K. drinking Jolt Cola and he told me two surprising things. # 1) It’s his favorite drink. # 2) The soft drink is produced in the town where I live.

Alexis was hanging out with Doug and she made a sound like a quail to impress him. But it didn’t sound like a quail and she was embarrassed. Alaina ate so many tic-tacs that her tongue turned orange. Cristina hurt her shoulder scooping gelato.

Kevin & Emily just went to this wedding and they said that the groom became so inebriated that he tried to pour beer into the saxophone of a musician in the wedding band. For lack of an alternative vessel, Dave took shots from a glass candlestick. Keith has a secret sauna in his house that is so small you have to duck to get inside.

I was listening to music with someone once and they said, All this music sounds like water. Now I can’t remember who it was. There was this guy who I would run into, and he would always give me his card. I never kept it and now I can’t recall his name. All I can remember is that he has a big fuzzy dog and he’s an Ezra Pound scholar.

Nate got an email sent from Newt Gingrich. It said, “unsubscribe.” Leann didn’t know the recipe for sangria, so she made one up. Travis was annoyed because the word croquet was not available in T9 when he was texting. After many (many) years of not having one, Patti got a bicycle. And she’s determined to learn to ride it. It’s an old cruiser and Jenn Libby found it for her.

Rachel visited Brian on the farm in Massachusetts, where he lives in a tent, in a barn. He said that a lot of the lettuce died because of the early heat wave. Ian’s mom was a fruitatarian for a couple years. That means she only eats fruit. Abby had a dream that there was two tubby cats sitting on the dresser and that I had bought them each ice creams with rainbow sprinkles.

Christopher has a cousin who moved to Vermont and married someone who is a shepherd. Molly went to a party in Washington state in a town called Humptulips. While driving, I saw signs for Grumpy Mountain. Earlier, I saw a legal firm named Crabb’s and Crabb’s.

I was watching Andy the gardener blowtorch weeds in the cracks in the parking lot when he stepped in pink bubblegum.


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  • 1 olga // Jun 29, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    I heard it was raspberry flavoured gelato. A very unexpected work injury.

  • 2 Alaina // Jul 6, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    Bright orange.
    When I was younger I only (mostly) ate orange foods… probably because my staple food was mac & cheese.

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