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Society # 41

October 1st, 2010 · No Comments

When Matt gets bored on the subway, he tends to sketch people’s faces, and when he gets bored with sketching profiles, he draws Victorian costumes on the people, and when he gets bored with that, he makes them into civil war generals. Sarah Eastman saw a santa clause riding a unicycle down burnside ave, playing bagpipes. Jacques is making a lascivious movie where the main character is a beanbag with a libido.

Heather’s father has a collection of funny glasses. Marcus has a hamper in the shape of a penguin. Sara told me she doesn’t really like talking on the phone; she just likes email and texting. It even says so in her bio.

Andrea and Tim only had one album to listen to on their trip from Ann Arbor, MI to Seattle, WA: Philip Glass’ Eistein on the Beach. That’s at least 3 days of driving. Tie’s boyfriend John reports that at one stretch of his life, estimated at two full years, he listened to exclusively (exclusively) Stereolab albums. That’s 730 days.

When Andrew’s parents came to town, they witnessed a gang of kids swimming in the Willamette River. But you’re not really supposed to swim in that river. At about the same time they noticed the swimmers, they spotted an enormous barge rumbling down the river. The barge saw the kids and blew its horn and the horn was so loud, all the glass windows shuddered in their casing.

Eva and Marlena have a word for a particular type of cheese in Austria that they had a very challenging time in translating. It’s sweet, and used for baking. But it’s not marscapone, it’s not cream cheese, it’s not fresh curd. It’s quark cheese. Which, as it happens, is not readily available in the united states.

Alyssa has been taking her dog, whose name is Walter Pancakes, for a training class for “shy dogs.” Let’s rephrase that. Walter Pancakes, Alyssa’s new dog, is engaged in a shy dog class. Walter is learning to be more assertive. Rachel and Zach have been using leeches in a stage performance. Thing is, to ensure their survival leading up to the performance, one must feed them. And Rachel has been feeding them her own blood. She said she got really high from it.

Amy told us over breakfast that she managed to persuade one of her coworker’s Jewish mother’s to divulge a secret – and smashing – pickling recipe, for the nominal charge of ten US dollars. She is on her way to Krueger farms to get some cukes. Kate said, “Did Donny move his seat?” And when someone confirmed, she said, “Shoot, now I don’t get to hear him sneeze anymore.”

I enjoyed this line in a book:

The Burgess-Maclean affair has raised issues of great” – he pauses – “delicacy.”

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