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Society #4

January 4th, 2008 · No Comments

July 2006

Maggie once persuaded a boy to eat dirt. He was in 3rd grade. She said, “You’ll
like it.” Shaw Flick is currently teaching boys how to play badminton at a private
summer camp. I went 4 days without eating solids. And then I ate 3 donuts in row.

Alex met a girl in Hawaii to run a marathon with her. He lives in New York State.
She lives in Japan. I guess it was a case of meeting halfway. Barb shot a real gun
in Hawaii. She said, “It was kinda neat.”

Ola sent a bird’s nest and a turtle shell in a box through the United States
Postal Service. Harmony’s friend bought an AK47 in the Congo and shipped it to the
USA, via USPS wrapped in tin-foil. It made it to the destination safe and sound.
Abby’s sister called her just to tell her about a novelty license plate she saw. I
don’t remember what it said.

Matt’s friend went down a slide at 2 am. He was naked as the day he was born. And
he went belly down. You know what Albert did? He cut his toenails on Vanessa’s
side of the bed. And it was 90 degrees outside and the toe-clippings stuck to her
skin when she accidentally rolled in them.

One night, Charlie shimmied up a 30 ft lightpost so that he could fall asleep on a
roof. There were already 2 bums up there. Kelli has an uncle tamed Teeny and he
claims to have co-written the lyrics to “Take Me to the River.”

Marcus has a client who has a million dollar marble collection. Lesley is in
all-girl Slayer cover band. Their name is Slay-whore. Gawain’s Mom had a long
complicated dream that he was bi.


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