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Society #5

January 5th, 2008 · No Comments

August 2006

Charlie stepped in the shell of an empty watermelon. In his barefeet. At the farmer’s market, Abby accidentally kicked a scoop of pink ice cream that was still solid. It stained her foot. Barb applied to be a foot-model for a foot fetish website. And she got the job (but she didn’t take it).

Peter fell asleep playing Sega Genesis. Just as he was about to refresh his energy with a power heart. Rachel had an ex-boyfriend who woke her up in the middle of the night and said, “How can you sleep not believing in Heaven or Hell?” Rachel told me that Peter told her that Paul once went to a children’s museum just to try and pick up hot moms.

Andy and Karen’s friend bought a batjak (translation: bike-taxi) from Indonesia with Indonesian designs on the exterior and plush fabric on the interior and now they are escorted on the contraption to their shows and play music all along the way. A lady-bug, a moth and a small yellow leaf have all alighted, independently and momentarily, on my body within the past 3 weeks.

Nick and Jon went running in the morning and Nick said, “What are we running from?” and Jon answered, “It’s not what we’re running from but where we’re going.” Patti found a sunken ship off the coast of South Carolina, while navigating in a sea kayak. She swam down and touched the mast.

At the diner, I saw a woman take a bottle of spray-butter out of her coat pocket and then spritz each slice of toast on her plate. Then she put it back in her pocket. You know who is really good at finding four-leaf clovers? Rachel Bone.


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