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Society #11

January 11th, 2008 · No Comments

January & February 2006

Diana found a series of small, mysterious cuts on her fingers. She could not find a reason for these cuts. It was not until she scraped her digits on the crystallized sugar formed around the mouth of a maple syrup jar that she realized what was going on. Shawn Creeden has an ice-cream maker, and he carries it around in his backpack.

It has been a little cold in the northeast. A boy with a bandana around his neck peed Ola’s name in the snow. Matt wears little plastic baggies between his boots and his socks, to keep his toes dry. At the bus-stop, I saw two people hugging. And they wouldn’t let go of one another. And then I realized it was because they were keeping each other warm. On the morning of one of the coldest days, just after a
light snow, Abby saw a rainbow.

Because he works concessions at a movie theatre, where this product is free and plentiful, and too easily exploited, Albert made a new year’s resolution to not eat any more popcorn. It lasted 61 days. I caught him with his hand deep in the bottom of a box – he said, “I couldn’t help it. I’ve been thinking about it all day.” For dinner on Sunday (which didn’t happen until midnight), Kelli had an order of onion rings, 2 bags of chips and a martini.

Maggie went on date with a boy who – according to Time Out NY, is one of “the top 5 most eligible bachelors in NYC.” Rajesh was going to blindfold Erica and take her on a secret journey… to Miami, for a Prince concert. He decided against the blindfold. Jason attended a bar mitzvah in a penthouse in NYC and Lenny Kravitz was present. Barb sent Dave a mix with nothing but Phil Collins on it. I found an
eyelash in the sugar bowl. In a drawer, I found 25 miniature rubric cubes. Anne has over 100 pairs of tights.


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