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Society #12

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May 2007

Someone left a message on my telephone and all I could hear was the sound of that person eating potato chips. Shawn got a free cd of “sounds from the jungle,” and he listened to it as he went to sleep. Maggie slow-danced to Stevie Wonder with a boy. Joel made a mix CD with 50 songs, one for each state.

Jason has been wearing the same cardigan so frequently that a bartender noticed. Rajesh helped a man carry an ironing board down the street. Megha wants a guru.

Matt and Ola had a baby squirrel for a day. Rich found a red salamander in the woods and taught us how to catch frogs. Abby gave Ola a perfectly preserved white moth in a dental floss container. Nate and Julia went to go see a parade…of dachsunds. In a text message, he reported to someone, “This dog thing is awesome.”

Rachel played discus in high school. Tony and Brooke own a tandem bicycle. It’s called the “Schwinn Twinn.” Alyssa and Kenny had a party, and the theme was biscuits. They made many different plates that involved biscuits. They own a very tiny rocking chair.

Chad and his father went to see the film Billy Liar, which his Dad saw when it was released, and he told us about how he remembered Julie Christie’s entrance. I wrote to Brigid after 3 years and said, “What are you doing?” She replied: “I am getting hitched. What are you doing?”

Barb found a marble buried in a crack in the sidewalk. Maggie left me an envelope on my porch with a single marble in it. I knocked into a jar full of marbles and they spilled all over the floor. This was in the middle of a dance party. It made the loudest crash I’ve ever heard.

Guest Society from Rachel Bone, Baltimore

Jeudi was sick one week but it was during finals at the college, and she had to teach chemistry class. She got dressed, walked the dog, and armed herself with tissues and cough drops. She went to her 9am lecture. Mid-class, she lost her voice and popped what she thought was a lozenge into her mouth from her sweater pocket. Had it been a lozenge, her throat would have cleared. Since it was a snausage (dog treat), she instead fought nervously with her puckering lips and gag reflexes. Fearing the nicknames and stories that might follow if her class found her out…Jeudi chewed, and swallowed.

Neil and Aaron went to Mexico and in a bar outside Mexico City, they encountered a group of men sitting around a barrel of fermented liquor. There was a ladle handed in their direction. They ladled. They drank. Aaron yakked.

We drove to NH to pat the pregnant belly of Phil’s sister, Amber, and pat the 60 year old back of Phil’s dad, Harry. They’re naming the baby Annalies, which is funny to me because their last name is Hanna, and an inevitable nickname will be Anna Hanna.

Krister put Hedgie in the sled-bag for the last 5 miles of the dogsled race for what appeared to him to be an ankle sprain. Upon veteranary inspection, Hedgie was discovered to be free of injury. It was noted that Hedgie is Krister’s favorite dog, and it was suggested by many that he was merely giving his queen a ride in her sleigh.

~Rachel Bone, Red Prairie Press

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