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Society #15

January 15th, 2008 · No Comments

August 2007

Mary Lou has a book full of scissor tracings. Abby ate a wild apple in the country so sour it made her teeth hum. Charlie went swimming in the creek and got a leech on his leg. A Mexican boy from Texas visited Danielle and confessed that he wore women’s jeans. They were size 4.

The country music hall of fame just acquired Willie Nelson’s white sneakers, embroidered with the name, “Willie,” on the toe. He wears New Balances. I saw them. In Nashville, they sell baby pit bulls in abandoned car lots. Jon is going to mortician school somewhere in a state that is located in the mid-west of the United States.

Maggie’s niece Ella was swimming naked in the backyard and she got bit by a bee. It stung her right between the butt cheeks. When Reema met the love of her life, he had two clementines in his pocket. He gave her one of them.

My mom sent me a newspaper article about a man who tried to fly from Oregon to Idaho, by riding in a lounge chair attached to a lot of colorful helium balloons. Ola found $40 on the ground. Yoshimi bowled her best game ever in Buffalo at the alley where Buffalo 66 was filmed. She bowled a 46.

Andrea & Charlie ate at a diner in Penn Yan where there were 2 different sandwiches on the menu that had jello as a topping. Wendy intercepted a pizza at a hotel that was definitely not hers for the taking.

I saw a man wearing a newspaper hat at the post-office. It fit him really well. I saw a police-man carrying a bouquet of red roses to someone’s doorstep. I saw a golf-cart with about 12 twenty-somethings packed into the ride. I saw 6 toddlers in one stroller.

Chad’s wife’s mother has a garden. In that garden there is a bird bath constructed with the dental molds from her children’s youth. Bailey hit a croquet mallet so hard in Maine, that it went flying over a cliff. Shawn made over 21 milkshakes for his band’s promo photo.

Angel gave Jona a haircut on the porch. As a creative writing assignment, Josh wrote “The life story of Kelli Hicks.” He received a B+. When Rajesh was little, he said, “How does God make strawberries? I know how he makes them red, but how does he put the dots on them?” Nico, the Chilean classical guitarist, was once in a Pink Floyd fan club. Rachel from Syracuse, would only refer to the band as Floyd.

People have phobias. I’m afraid of armadillos. Barb is afraid of zombies. Danielle is afraid of clowns. Abby is afraid of snakes, even little ones. Joel is afraid of frogs. Maggie is afraid of creamy substances. Rachel is afraid of melons and needles.

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