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Society #19

January 19th, 2008 · No Comments

November 2007

There was a man who came to the theatre, and he pulled out one wallet, but didn’t have enough money, so he pulled out another wallet. He had one wallet in each back pocket. I was served a breakfast sandwich at the diner and there were two bottom buns. Rebecca bought a pig’s head at the public market.

Over Thanksgiving, Trevor and his extended family had a singalong and everyone had kazoos. They just happened to have a bag of kazoos in the attic. Nadya loves tunnels. Cale has a wikipedia page, and he insists that he did not make it.

Jon was hired at a gunshop to do woodworking, and found out that there is a famous gunsmith with the same exact name as him. This may have given him an advantage over other applicants. The same month, he was let go for not making the hourly quota.

I sat with a girl on the train who collected the stickers off fruits: “apples, bananas, whatever.” Her name was Sam. She also told me that she wants a calculator watch. Susan’s Grandmother is a painter and lives in Alabama; she lived with her for a summer when she was a teenager. These facts might be wrong: it could be her aunt, and it might be Arkansas.

Nate and I have the same taste in dish towels. Grant and Eva got into a pillowfight the other day. Eva won. But Grant says he wasn’t even trying. Nick and Jon have 5 different transistor radios throughout their house all tuned to the classical station. There is even one in the bathroom.

Somebody came to the movies on cross-country skis. Rose ate a scorpion when she was in China. Molly Wheeler eats kiwis with the skin still on them and says it makes her tongue feel wild.

Lynn keeps werthers candies on the coffee table in her house at all times. When Patti makes stuffing, she soaks the bread in milk first. Rachel found a stylish vintage 70s coffee-maker at the thrift store. And it works. Kyle is reading a book on Slash. Did you know Slash was half black? When Eric was born, his Uncle made a homemade cannon, and shot it off in the woods.

Nick signed off a letter with a single musical note. Maggie has a teacher who asked her (rhetorically), Have you ever emptied a room of furniture on New Year’s Eve, and opened the window, just to listen to the snow fall outside? Julia is trying to break the guinness record for World’s Largest Book.

Kristina Foley is still no where to be found.



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