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Society #10

January 10th, 2008 · No Comments

New Year’s Eve, December 2006

I was getting ready for New Year’s Eve and I was running late, so I ironed my shirt while it was still on my body (I just put a board under my shirt and went at it). When Kelli and Charlie first arrived at the party, Charlie came bearing a full load of firewood (apparently Charlie’s whole family contributed to chopping wood), and Kelli came in with a dark chocolate rum cake and a box of pink sherbet.

Everything was illuminated by candles, which were placed in jars filled with marbles. The dance floor was illuminated by a blazing fire. Ola removed the window seat cushion in order to dance on the window seat. She very politely asked first. Abby joined her.

Partygoers were dressed to the nicely. Travis wore a v-neck velour vest with a tie underneath; Tony was wearing some slick pants and a vintage tie; Brooke was wearing something nice too, but I can’t recall what it was; Ryan was wearing a fedora; and Christine was wearing a homemade dress with a sash. A young gentlemen showed up with a mannequins’ head, named Tessa. (who was that guy?) Someone overheard Doug giving fashion tips to Leann.

There were many musical requests. Kate wanted to hear Earth, Wind & Fire, Reilly wanted to hear Le Tigre, Amber wanted Justin Timberlake, Paul wanted to hear Pantera (it didn’t happen) and Benoit wanted to hear a cd of Japanese schoolchildren that he handed to me and said, “Trust me.” Stevie Wonder ushered in the New Year and Lust for Life played twice. Kelli requested a piñata filled with blood. That didn’t happen either.

Charlie drew a picture on Garret’s belly. I don’t know what the picture was. This girl who works at Oasis (I don’t remember her name) found a nice gold ring in the grass outside and she handed it to me and she said, “You know people here, and this is a nice ring, so you should find who owns it.” I put it in my pocket and I promptly forgot. But, then I was dancing with Caitlin with the curly hair and I gave her the ring as a present. It was actually her ring, and her mother had given it to her 10 years ago.

When Betsy arrived, I gave her a big hug and a big kiss. But it wasn’t actually Betsy. It was her twin sister Bridget. I only realized this several hours later.


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