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Society #30

November 1st, 2008 · 1 Comment

October 2009

For Halloween, I dressed up as a character who required large, fake eyebrows. Near the end of the evening I lost one of the eyebrows when re-adjusting them. Barb once asked me to draw a bird holding a tuba and flying over a waterfall. Alexis had a fear of peanut butter, but one day she tried almond butter, and her original fear of peanut butter disappeared. The day after Halloween, Antonella found something attached to her shoe which she thought was a caterpillar, but it was actually my eyebrow.

Pietro built bedposts for his lofted bed out of shipmasts. Kristina Foley really wants to visit the straw hat museum in Florence.

Dinah really likes that first 2pac album. Abby really really likes film trailers, in fact, she has watched every single one on the website. Olga used a night-light until she was 17 years old. Travis does not like moths, not one bit.

Rajesh won a scooter from a raffle. I saw a green parrot riding on the roof rack of a moving black car. Patti does not own a single pair of shorts.

Nick received a check in the mail for 13 cents. Rich wants to hang out with a ballerina just to see if they’re as graceful during a normal day as they are on stage. Jon’s Grandfather ran a factory in Haiti that made sweaters.

On my block, all the trees are turning red, brown, golden, yellow and orange – except for one, which is turning pink.


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  • 1 olga // Dec 4, 2008 at 3:31 am

    I dreamt I had lost my fake eyebrows after I read this… In the same dream, I was Charlie Chaplin.

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