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Society #3

January 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

June 2006

Maggie has recently discovered a diary from when she was age 12 years old and just on the brink of becoming a young lady. The entries are filled with Maggie’s 6th grade cursive and statements such as the following: “I don’t know if I want to grow up, but there must be good things about it like… dating and having fun.” She has taken to reading it in public and I hear it makes people smile.

Alex ate cereal for breakfast. And for dinner. And that was it.

Albert was invited over to Nick’s parents house for a slumber party. At one point in the evening, he ducked into the den and caught Nick’s Dad in his underpants browsing the web. He said something like, “Jeez. As soon as I came down here in my drawers I knew I’d be caught.” He was looking at a website of collectible, antiquarian coins from the civil-war era. Oh, and Albert just bought new socks like a week ago, and they already split at the heel.

Richy put on short shorts, did yoga, turned on the 78 rpm record player and realized that he knew the women singing on the record. They live out west and they’re mean. I once ironed a girl’s small light pink underpants until they were flat as paper and hot as a fresh crepe. It wasn’t until much later did I see that the tag read, “Do not iron.” In Slovenia, Kelli Shay Hicks and her traveling partner were at a castle when they saw a glass coffin with the body of a girl from the 19th century. The girl in the coffin looked just like Kelli.

Abby received a phone call from Ian on the cell-phone. But she pressed ignore. But Ian was across the street, watching her from the bakery where he works. Sarah Eastman’s old boss told her, “You can do anything you want! You have it in you. Punch a hole in the world!”

I heard Tony owns six pairs of the same pants. I heard Kari owns 70 bathing suits. But her husband made her trim back the wardrobe to 40 pairs of bathing suits. Peter and Paul and Matt are working on a 10,000 piece puzzle. I was over there twice and I told them I put in a piece each time but that was a lie. I just got frustrated and gave up.

~ M.N.

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