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Society #13

January 13th, 2008 · No Comments

June 2007

Josh Kaufmann has a turtle named “showboat,” which he treats like royalty. I saw a lady walking a turtle in the street while simultaneously reading a newspaper. No lie. Did you know Trevor once worked in a gun factory? Joel told me that.

Brett’s drum kit fell on his toe and then it turned green and the doctor had to drill a hole in the nail. Matt cut his finger on the blender and Abby sewed it up. Nate’s brother sprained his ankle while dancing, but still didn’t stop until closing time.

Nate said, “I like when you wear the party home.” Paul sent me a text message that said, “I found glitter in my pocket.” Paul calls Rich “Buzz.” Rich calls Paul “Duke.” Tony has at least 3 pictures of his cat on his cell phone.

Siue has been asking me to take the picture of the secret door in the public library for more than three years. Wei asked me to cut the leg off the body of a dead seagull. Maggie’s Mom spilled an entire jar of beet juice all over the kitchen floor.

Barb sent someone a plastic lamp in the shape of a pig wearing a tuxedo. The entire thing lights up a peachy color. Kate still has her sticker collection from childhood. Marcus has a client who believes he is a wizard. There’s a man who frequents the downtown coffee shop who believes in miracles.

There was a beanbag out to the trash on the street. There was a split on the side and the foam filling was spilling out over the street like snow. Brian trashpicked a 2001 calendar with pictures of the universe and supernovas.

Wei said, “Sometimes I’m surprised at what floats,” as she watched an entire spider web float up over a field.


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