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Society #31

November 30th, 2008 · 1 Comment

November 2008

Here’s how Tony got his cat back after it ran away. Using a bowl of milk as bait, Tony monitored the back-steps of his house with a video camera. Night after night, the milk was drunk, and Tony confirmed that it was his cat lapping it up. After a couple weeks of leaving milk on the door-step, the cat was finally persuaded to return.

Antonella was with Jeff in the courtyard of an old hotel in Savannah, Georgia, when a praying mantis landed on the lapel of his suit-coat. She flicked off the insect, but it landed on his pant leg and put up its mandibles in consternation.

I overheard the following conversation at the check-out counter:
Cashier: “You need new glasses, don’t you? You only got one lens.”
Customer: “Well, I only got one eye.”

Lindsay knows this girl in Norway that hosts bands and has a room with so many single-beds lining the floor that you can jump from one side of the room to the other without touching the wood floor beneath. Ashley went on a 4-week tour with her band across the country, and she only brought one outfit of clothing… But she brought 3 pairs of gloves: 1 for the cold, 1 for style, and 1 for driving. On this same tour, Andrew learned to knit in order to pass the time. When I saw him, he was knitting a two-tone block scarf that almost matched exactly to the colors he was wearing: brown on the top, and greyish-blue on the bottom.

Kelli’s friend Kyle attended her panel at the film conference, and he stood at the back of the room with a bloody mary in his hand. I noticed that Olga was wearing a familiar perfume, and when I inquired, she reported that it was actually a man’s cologne. I think my friend Jon wore the same exact brand in high school, and Olga noted that the cologne was a discontinued Armani line. Sabrina likes the cold weather, but she says it makes her sleepy.

Fredrik and Anja are living together in the same house in Sweden, and they get along very well except for one thing. Anja likes to put fruit on her salad while Fredrik disapproves of putting fruit on the salad. Shawn is friend’s with this guy in Japan who appears to only eat chocolate bars for nutrition. Caitlyn really likes tater-tots as a late-night snack. Travis saw a really “righteous” bird the other day, but he could not identify the type of bird. Abby and I have a scab in exactly the same place, smack-dab in the center of the back of the neck. Both Leeann and I were returning netflix video rentals, and we noticed that we were returning the same exact movie: Badlands. I had watched it, Leeann had not.

The other day I was tidying about the house when I noticed a finger-nail-sized scrap of white paper near my feet. I was about to sweep it with my foot into the air-vent, when it occurred to me that I should probably look at the other side of the paper. And here is what was on the other side…


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  • 1 Fredrik // Feb 3, 2009 at 9:13 am

    Hi Mr Neault

    We ate this indian food two days ago. With raisin. I think ill have to reevaluate my position regarding food with fruits.

    Thanks mike for snoreandguzzle. We listen to your podcasts at least every third day. Anja is becoming a real blues-loving-lady.

    Take care /Fredrik

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