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1,000 Things That Quicken the Heart

January 19th, 2008 · 8 Comments

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Albert Birney

10. Pugs
9. Chocolate milkshakes
8. Reunions
7. Digging
6. Zooey Deschanel
5. Thunder
4. Fat Asian babies
3. Bonfires
2. Bosom
1. Holding hands

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Abby McCarthy

10. black eyed susans
9. crystalline snow cracking on old window panes
8. my sister’s kitten jaw
7. knowing all the words
6. giving the perfect gift
5. personal packages via the post
4. cool pillows on a hot night
3. feet, ankles, legs, bodies in water- especially that one second before
2. Gotts Island, Maine
1. arms that encompass and toes that touch

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Harmony Button

10) Winter breath and tea cups
9) The smell of soggy earthworms after rain
8)Goat cheese anything
7) Red hair in the sun
6) The sound of a real camera
5) Fireworks: the loud ones that flash… then register the sound waves in the stomach before eardrums. Boom.
4) Opening credits
3) A perfect spoon: dip, heft, depth.
2) The hop before the cartwheel
1) Eye contact

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Ola Dlugosz

1. spring sunshine on the back of my neck
2. crows feet in the corners of almond shaped eyes
3. hearing my name, whispered
4. streets so silent the only sound is the familiar squeak of my bike
and the alien in-out of my breath
5. “sleepwalk”
6. trash & precious scraps, reappropriated
7. new words, in any language
8.( secretly) chubby cats
9. the rare love poem of Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski
10. large fields of color

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Barb Wilkinson

10. answering a phone without caller i.d.
9. cheerios with sugar
8. cheerios without sugar
7. conspiratory smiles
6. a big wave headed straight for me
5. fitting in small spaces
4. strangers calling my name
3. basements
2. dreams
1. soda

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Julia Nitzsche

1. Liquid Immersion
2. Driving on the Autobahn
3. Surviving 240V
4. Serendipity
5. Billiards
6. Ghost stories and lightning storms
7. Resonance and harmony
8. Riding boards, bikes, and waves
9. Psychic magnetism
10. Rare books and travels

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Amy Cancelmo

10. new underpants.
9. night swimming, preferably somewhere illegal.
8. any baby word referring to the stomach. ie- tummy, belly, egg etc.
7. really nice paper.
6. electric shocks from accidental touch.
5. eating salad with my fingers.
4. sophia loren.
3. riding my bike up big hills.
2. riding my bike down big hills.
1. lips.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Kate McCarthy

10. Smell of sea roses and low-tide
9. Tide pools that conceal crabs
8. Hands, warm
7. Boys who found sea-urchins for us
6. Long glances
5. Kittens w/ extra toes
4. Christmas pots
3. Ribbon
2. The perfect tchotchke
1. Yarn

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Wei Hwu

10. mariah carey
9. swisher sweets
8. crossword puzzles in pen
7. bendy straws
6. dental models
5. smurfette
4. halloween
3. queen anne’s lace
2. marbles
1. goats

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of “Crash Danger”

10. exploding baked goods via illicit fireworks.
9. phrases that sound dirty, but aren’t, yet could be.
8. monster truck romance.
7. cb lingo.
6. elderlies that swear.
5. panning for thrift store gold.
4. moustache procurement and display.
3. truck stop tube socks.
2. exploring and exploiting top secret swimming holes
1. rapid drunken brakeless banana seat bike circular parking garage descents.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Jessica Pepper Peterson

10. the sound of dry leaves crunching
9. the last page of a good book
8. giggles
7. winking
6. taking off in an airplane
5. floating in the ocean
4. candy corn
3. the smell of the hot street steaming in the rain
2. Autumn
1. watching a photograph appear in the developer

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of William McCarthy

10. Floating
9. teetering
8. balancing
7. gliding
6. loving
5. sitting
4. thinking
3. sleeping
2. consuming/voiding
1. being

10 + Things that Quicken the Heart of Crystal

19. Smirnoff Apple Twist
18. Black Sambuca
17. Frangelico
16. Hurrying
15. Alicia Keys
14. Exercise
13. The hit TV show The Bachelor
12. Awaiting
11. Barb Wilkinson’s #6
10. Britney Spears
9. Al Pacino
8. Guessing correctly
7. Hearing pleaseant shocking news
6. Gambling
5. Hopes
4. Dancing
3. Getting dressed up
2. Winning
1. Music

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Lita Tirak

10. curiously watching a bumble bee crawl up the arm
9.swinging on a swingset
8.when someone remembers you just before dying
7.a candle snuffer extinguishing a flame
6.the curling smoke from an extinguished flame
5.dark calligraphic lines
4.being sung to
3.tresspassing into a garden, knowing that you are being watched
2.a goodbye gaze on a quiet winter’s night
1.photographing someone you love in the dark

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Eric Jones

1. When a thing you wrote is made a song
2. A chance encounter overseas
3. A startling sighting of an erstwhile sweetheart
4. When you learn a song has been composed about you
5. The song is sung for you alone
6. The words of a song reduce you to tears
7. When strangers are spellbound by your song
8. A song secures success for its singer
9. A story you wrote ends sweetly
10. When what ends well is true

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Delphine Lecompte

10. nicky wire’s backing vocals on ‘australia’
9. getting a short story accepted
8. getting a short story right
7. being fondled by someone i fancy
6. being fondled by someone i despise
5. shooting a can of beans off a fence with my crossbow
4. shoplifting crime novels
3. james dean bradfield’s vocals on ‘little baby nothing’
2. getting a long story right
1. braiding my dodgy neighbour’s hair

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Jon Eaton

10. French Female Vocalists
9. getting better at things through practice
8. childhood photographs of old friends
7. National Geographic videos
6. sports bloopers
5. benefiting from organizational skills
4. watching babies fall on their diaper butts (in airports)
3. making friends with bartenders
2. pen pals
1. beast wars

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Rachel Wetzel

10. flocks of migrating birds
9. the latent image turning visible
8. jackson pollock’s paintings
7. handwritten letters
6. men who still open doors for a lady
5. lightning storms
4. the first sniff of the springtime air
3. electricity generating windmills aligned in a field
2. the city of brotherly love
1. a sweet whisper in the ear

10 things that quicken the heart of Richard Reed Parry

10.when the Viburnum Rhytidophylloides vine blossoms.
9 . french horn
8. the miniature ferris wheel/bar and grill at the fake beach in amsterdam
7 . stone masons!
6 . the dancefloor
5 . spring time with bicycle
4 . old crush who is now pregnant
3 . “born under punches” by the talking heads
2 .learning to surf
1. romance!

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Maurice Dowdry

10. hunting with my uncles
9. little white lies (that don’t hurt anyone)
8. paintball with todd and jeff behind jeff’s house.
7. scratch off lottery tickets
6. capture the flag at the beach with my cousins, boys
vs. girls
5. tom petty, Gund Arena, Dec 4, 2000, me- 5th row
4. early morning walks with my bulldog Isabelle
3. waking up and hearing my parents laughing in the
2. drawing
1. imagining that somewhere out there exists the
perfect person for me who someday I’ll meet and marry
and spend the rest of my life with, totally in love

10 Things that make Maggie Jacobstein’s heart go pitter-patter

1. Eric Satie
2. The color yellow, when called Goldenrod or Daffodil
3. Rain
4. Birch Bark
5. A bicycle ride down a brick street (in autumn)
6. The scent of a geranium leaf when rubbed on hand
7. A perfectly hard-boiled egg
8. Drawings of Cape Cod
9. The Japanese word doki-doki
10. Harvard’s Natural History Museum

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Matthew Keefe

10. Thrift store scores
9. Small press
8. The smell of movie theater popcorn
7. Jellybeans
6. Found photographs
5. The infinite possibilities of libraries
4. Bicycles hurtling through cool summer nights
3. New ideas
2. Smiles from strangers
1. Early morning light (separate from sunrise)

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Joel David Alter

10. the first snowfall of winter
9. the moment your airplane lifts off of the ground
8. finding an unexpected letter in your mailbox
7. laying down a winning poker hand
6. seeing someone you haven’t seen in a long time
5. secrets
4. watching someone open a gift that you’ve given them
3. a really good song
2. hearing a person’s full name (it’s extra special if the middle name is included)
1. the ringing on the phone when you’re calling a girl you like

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Rachel Lee

1. night skies of Maxfield Parrish blue
2. giant full moons on the horizon
3. impossible clouds in a too-blue sky
4. jars of marbles
5. perfect tide pools
6. red-haired toddlers
7. prancing pugs
8. solitary birds’ eggs found in the wild
9. hummingbirds
10. displays of food in open-air markets

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Patrick Head

1. sticking the tip of your tongue in the hole of a raspberry
2. standing there in your bathing suit right before your first swim of
the summer
3. a flock of starling parting
4. rubbing your leg against someone else’s
5. climbing trees
6. putting on brand new socks
7. songs with whistling
8. dogs who carry things in their mouth while they’re on their walk
9. homemade gifts
10. someone running their fingertips over your scalp

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Michael Neault

The sound of:

10. A greasy, crackling griddle
9. A thumb tapping on a green pepper
8. Ice tinkling in a glass of spring-water
7. Over-ripe apples falling and thudding on the ground
6. Popping corks
5. A wax-cap being unstuck from a jam jar
4. Escape hatches in 2001: A Space Odyssey
3. Shuffling of a brand-new deck of playing-cards
2. Flicker of film
1. Gently snoring girls

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Eva Furmanska

10. a baby walrus
9. “curtain call” by the damned
8. wheels of a landing plane making contact w/the tarmac
7. silhouettes of trees
6. old people laughing
5. homeruns
4. ALMOST getting hit by a car
3. wasabi
2. m80s
1. seeing a dorsal fin (shark, whale whatever)

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Jenn LeClerc (by 10 you meant 14, right? J.L.)

14. the color red (science says yes).
13. porn.
12. human contact.
11. moving furniture.
10. blood circulation.
9. sky diving.
8. Germans.
7. kittens. wicked tiny kittens.
6. applause.
5. applesauce.
4. embarrassment.
3. capri suns.
2. impulse shopping.
1. love.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Alley Trela

10. thinking of your mom dying
9 . forgetting to look both ways and jumping backwards before getting
creamed by a car.
8. Not forgetting to jump backwards.
7. an unexpected snuggle turned blow job.
6 . waking up to the alarm clock that has been going off for an hour.
5 . watching the car door in shutting in slow motion just as you realize you left your keys in the ignition.
4 . Walking just steps away from the only creepy guy in a really long alley.
3. Rock concerts.
2. not yielding to a police officer in a rotary.
1. chopping off the tip of your finger while making a salad.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Brendan Smolinsky

11. the ‘nuts-in-stomach’ feeling of standing on a ledge
10. my near fatal spider bite(fotos available on request)
9. chimney fractles
8. albuterol
7. prison movies
6. hair loss or gain
5. fist swinging juice heads moving through crowds of kids like sharkfins
3. large birds
2. swimming lessons
1. talking to dr. steven pinker of harvard university

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Ryan Dunn (not the guy from Jackass)

10. My wife undressing in candlelight
9. Giving a hummer to a random guy in a JC Penney dressing room
8. winning a close ping pong volley
7.A puppy’s first steps.
6. A cat’s last steps
5. Being cold, hungry and alone, then being dried off, fed and given
drink by good friends.
4. The first sip of a cold, hoppy beer on a sweltering day in August
3. talcum powder on me balls
2. New music that I’ve discovered
1. Love.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Dave Saltzman

10. Finally peeing after holding it for a long time.
9. Buying something really expensive online.
8. Watching a storm front roll in from the ocean.
7. Getting recognized for a job well done.
6. Arriving home.
5. Telling lies.
4. Suddenly understanding.
3. A Charlie Parker solo break.
2. People smoking at gas pumps.
1. Too much wasabi.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Brian Blatt

10. Cold rain and snow
9. Snacks
8. painting
7. the library
6. coffee
5. cigarettes
4. 6 and 5 together
3. jokes that make a four year old laugh
2. bikes
1. smoochin’

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Dr. Jason McClung

10. white wine
9. red wine
8. white zinfandel
7. a nice riesling
6. tanqueray gin and fesca over ice
5. tequila sunrise with a triple shot of tequila
4. laying on the beach in the florida keys
3. layin on the each in the florida keys with any one of the above beverages
2 . partially clad women
1. paritally clad women in the florida keys with any one of the above beverages

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Dr. Joesph Giangreco

10. epinephrine
9. albuterol
8. PACs and PVCs
7. Scary movies
6. love
5. shania twain
4. watching my daughter play soccer
3. playing basketball
2. just before you bungie jump
1. just before you take the boards

10 Things That Quicken the Heart of John Caven

10. chocolate
9. oxford street magnolias and emperor tulips
8. spring
7. ocean
6. new sneakers
5. smell or touch of the right person
4. someone flushes the toilet while your in the shower
3. ice cream
2. symphony orchestra
1. friends

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Dr. Erik Peterson

10. Abby’s special PB+J sandwiches
9. 250 yard drive on the first tee
8. phone calls from daughters while they are at college
7. seeing daughter(s) all dressed up for a dance
6. Patient or family saying thank you
5. any sunrise or sunset
4. starring at the moon on a ship with my wife
3. Keeping my HgA1c below 6
2. Watching my 403b go up
1. watching my 403b go down

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Hannah Fisher

10. porcelain
9. bisbee arizona
8. jake ryan
7. tamales
6. stacked rocks
5. playing catch
4. hot baths with whiskey drinks
3. wood stoves in maine
2. grama susie’s ice cream cake
1. sunday morning, and npr

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Kaela Noel

1. the color of everything after a storm
2. the scent of eucalyptus in the morning
3. take-off on an airplane
4. being brushed by butterflies
5. a field of daffodils
6. an unexpected snowfall
7. a love letter in my mailbox
8. folsom street, sf
9. finding a perfect dress
10. meeting a curious hummingbird

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Katy Asher

10. Lemon Cucumbers
9. Protea
8. Parades with Marching Bands
7. Skulking past ex lovers’s houses years or decades later
6. When the dog sneaks up behind you sitting there and licks the back of your ear
5. “Oversized Package” notice in the PO box
4. Taking the meeting minutes
3. Hearing “boop” and looking for Hannah
2. Pretending I’m a big monster beast attacking the person I love
1. Fried-Egg Sandwiches

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Justin Rose

10. cheese wiz
9. guitar
8. whiskey
7. drugs-legal and non
6. outdoor chimneys
5. a bar where everyone knows your name
4. fight club
3. josh’s apartment
2. obscure independant music
1. growing a long shaggy beard

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Jason Ferraro

1. Walking into a gay bar
2. Buying pornography
3. Listening to the end of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”
4. Going to my Aunt Lucille’s house during Christmastime
5. Driving next to a tractor-trailer
6. Driving–fast!- to the beach in the middle of the night
7. Recognizing someone from college I don’t want to talk to
8. Watching Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
9. Playing drums
10. Malls

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Daniel Green

10. the first sight of a tightly wrapped burrito
9. the start of a test
8. a perfectly executed high-five
7. a highly contested sports match
6. screeching tires
5. setting up or scoring one in the big game
4. a pretty girl in or out of her drawers
3. a strike on the line whilst fishing
2. picking up the phone to call a girl for the first time
1. a phone call in the middle of the night

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Melissa Jannetta

10. a scratch-off lottery ticket
9. a dentist’s chair
8. a scary movie
7. xmas morning
6. the pizza man
5. a bee doing a flyby
4. a good song
3. a whale breaching
2. a bumpy flight
1. catching a wave

Things that Quicken the Heart of Aunt Chris

10. anything chocolate … especially if it’s from Stone’s
9. sitting in a theater waiting for a play to begin
8. a comfy chair in the sunlight with a new book
7. students excited about a book they just read
6. Fair Haven on the 4th of July
5. shopping trips with my seester
4. Rudy’s with the family …. and no seagulls
3. emails from my nephew
2. Red Sox winning the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. memories of my Dad

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Steph Haselman

10. the violin
9. fresh air
8. wild flowers
7. a hot cup of tea
6. fresh cut grass
5. a cool morning at the lake
4. Otis Redding
3. Amazing Grace
2. black hair and blue eyes
1. my daughter

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Elliot Black

1. starting something
2. waking up before sunrise to go somewhere new with somebody
3. really looking into someone’s eyes
4. first spring thundershower
5. two people in one shower
6. listening closely to the wind while sitting quietly in the woods or
on the edge of a lake or really anywhere
7. late night talks at diners with one or two friends
8. remembering something you had forgotten
9. going off on my own with my camera into the night to somewhere familiar
10. finishing something

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Nicholas Gurewitch:

10. Discovering and old note in a book
9. Stop signs / Dogs (tie)
8. Doorbells
7. Classical music on the radio that I can identify
6. Ex-girlfriends
5. Awards
4. Body contact with female
3. Forces of what appear to be destiny
2. Children in Danger
1. Water deeper than me

10 things that quicken the heart of Peter J. Lazarski

10. Recursive laughter
9. Cookies for Pete
8. Fishing for trout
7. Apartment # 5 by the Billy Nayer Show
6. Midair, moving fast, and thrown from your bike
5. Junebugs and Wooly Bears
4. First proof of the print run (when all of your work looks back at
you and gives you the hairy eyeball)
3. What she may not remember but I can’t forget
2. The thought, possibility, and actuality of being near my friends again
1. Stares, then smiles

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of D.M. Green

10. tap dancin’
9. pizza
8. broken condoms
7. ghosts
6. the chorus of “little red corvette”
5. crystal meth
4. old fashioned romance
3. an unanticipated visit from an insect (of any type)
2. a girl with a sense of humor, a high metabolism, and a pony tail in a knee length skirt
1. extreme volatility

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Kari Merkel

10. finding yourself in the moment and laughing
9. long drives to good music
8. body surfing in a cold ocean and hearing someone yell cowabunga
7. floppy dog ears
6. picking berries on sunny days
5. looking at someone in a funny hat
4. lsitening to music you loved when you were 16
3. finding yourself hugging someones back
2. kayaking on a bay by yourself
1. hot springs and snow flakes

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Sam Cole

1. faithless preachers
2. stone dead stoners
3. live awake dreamers
4. depressed teenagers
5. fictional mothers (of 5)
6. crazy ass gangsters
7. fearful stocking stuffers
8. shop n’ stop bankers
9. rigged up lawyers
10. ice cold swimmers

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Marlene Heur

10. mess
9. the two minutes before the alarm goes off
8. the dead bird’s head that a neighborhood cat left at my doorway
7. swingsets
6. traditional irish music
5. imagining i wronged someone
4. the haunting (1963)
3. love
2. drawing a straight line
1. biking downhill with my eyes closed

1,000 Things that Quicken the Heart of Susan Neault

1. Fred and Ginger dancing
2. sticky buns on Christmas morning
3. finding a hand written letter in the mail
4. reading a book on a snowy day in January
5. reading a book on the beach in July
6. seeing Monet’s blue and yellow dining room
7. seeing the crocus come up in the spring
8. the last day of school
9. the first day of school
10. hearing the words I love You

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Nina the Cat

(I compiled the list on behalf of my cat based on daily observations… although I
don’t know if non-humans qualify for your list. ~ Jenn Libby)

1.. birds
2.. squirrels
3.. my tail
4.. looking up
5.. the vacuum
6.. arrivals

7.. bugs
8.. the bathtub
9.. throw rugs
10.. snuggling

Ten Things That Quicken the Heart of Emily Natoli

10. Car trouble
9. Rasperry Pavlova
8. Old Pictures of my Family
7. Electric Connections
6. Peonies in Bloom
5. People Shouting
4. Orchestral Infusions
3. Driving in England
2. Finding Money in my Pockets
1. Kissing my Sweetheart

Ten Things that Quicken the Heart of Asia Furmanska

10. Rye or pumpernickel bread, especially toasted.
9. Proving to everyone that I am cartwheel queen.
8. Pretending I am smart.
7. That loved person who’s my baggage claim host(ess).
6. Shots (interpret as preferred).
5. Seeing the blue meet the green horizontally in summer (especially from a
window-opened car).
4. Switching lanes to the right at 80 mph.
3. Stepping out of the metro/bus station etc. in a new, bustling city.
2. Looking into someone’s eyes when lying.
1. Looking into someone’s eyes when truth-telling.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Denise Ambrose

10. Sparklers
9. Freckles
8. Walking past a lawn sprinkler
7. Catching a marshmallow before it falls into the fire
6. Blushing
5. Waving babies at restaurants
4. Dropping the needle on the vinyl
3. Cracking open a fortune cookie
2. Birthday candle smoke
1. The smell of old books

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Diana Little

10. Biking in Manhattan
9. being warm and chilly at the same time
8. monosodium glutamate
7.”In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”
6. playing in rough waves
5. trying not to cry in public
4. looking at our polaroids
3. Zelie singing to me over the phone
2. DIY success
1. his fingers run through my nape-hair

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Chad Hunter

10. dioramas
9. banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin
8. arriving at bodi lake
7. public speaking
6. universal horror, 1923-1948
5. the moment a roaring wurlitzer rises from the orchestra pit of a movie palace
4. unexpectedly witnessing exhibitionism (or happenstance voyeurism,
if you prefer)
3. tios #4 (ann arbor or columbia, sc only)
2. her
1. ping pong domination

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Kelli Hicks

10. The impending storm
9. The first snootfull
8. When the film comes back
7. The right note
6. Rope swings
5. Understanding French
4. The wrong note
3. This color– I think you know the one I mean
1. Premonitions of death

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Brian Belovarac

10. Bleachers
9. Chex Mix
8. The Kmart Radio Network
7. Glasses
6. Flexidiscs
5. People who like the Monkees
4. Cut-outs
3. Rumspringa
2. No-salt pretzel
1. The Morning Announcements

10 Things That Quicken the Heart of Tone Foreland

10. A movie or a book that brings me out of the real world and into it’s universe
9. To run fingers through newly washed, silky long hair
8. Go to bed in bed clothes that has dried outside in the sun
7. Complete projects with a good result
6. Have money left on the account after all the bills are paid
5. Stride/walk in the woods/mountains, feel the sweat running and take a swim
4. Walking barefoot in the grass in warm summer rain
3. Eating home made strawberry jam on home made fresh bread
2. Chocolate
1. An email, phonecall, postcard, visit etc. from a friend

10 Things That Quicken the Heart of Alex Wagenblass

1. being caller #9
2. realizing I’m really lost and that’s okay
3. handwritten letters
4. discovering secret waterfalls
5. music that doesn’t have instruments
6. basement sounds in the dark
7. finding that-one-perfect second-hand-thing
8. when we lift away from the ground
9. city-wide power outages
10. being shown someone’s private collection of something i had no idea anyone would’ve collected

10 Things That Quicken the Heart of Monica Hoge

10. autumn air that smells like tea.
9. boys who I have kissed
8. familiar-looking strangers
7. the sweet smell of un-perfumed skin
6. holding hands (also in mittens)
5. a rabbit’s scream
4. parallel parking on the first try
3. really big moths/ sudden facial hair changes
2. a snowflake hitting your eyeball
1. cuccuzzi squash

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Sarah Witt

1. Piano recitals. Particularly the moment of stark silence before the
hands sink into the keys.
2. Pretending to be lost in the park.
3. “Dinging” my bike bell, and hearing a responding ring.
4. Old love(r)s.
5. Lipsmacker’s pina colada chapstick, from the 1994 fall line.
6. Dropping a letter in the mailbox, to an unsuspecting recipient.
7. When my sister and I were kids, we used to sit in the bathroom and play
“rocketship.” As pilot, I would command from the bathtub, regulating the
countdown. Everytime I exclaimed “blastoff!” for a split second I believed
we were in outer space. I would get so excited everytime that we would have
to abort mission so I could go to the bathroom.
8. Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu in C sharp minor.
9. Waking up alone in the forest.
10. Intentionally telling a secret to someone I know can’t keep one.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Mary Witt

1. Seeing my daughters’ phone numbers on the caller ID
2. Dressing up to go out with my husband, when I know when he sees me his eyes will melt.
3. Stepping on the ice for a longed-for skate, and I have to skate around a while before my heart settles down from the excitement of being on the ice again.
4. Getting an unexpected email.
5. When the doorbell rings on Christmas Day, even though the guests arriving are always over to visit.
6. Spending money on a large purchase that I have been saving up for for a long time.
7. Hearing positive feedback when I have helped a student
8. Seeing an email or letters from my daughters
9. When my daughters talk about their hopes and plans and loves
10. Leaving the house for a vacation

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Adam Moniz

1.The few seconds before a breakup
2. Waking up at the end of a class
3. The chill that goes through your arm that just touched that girl you really like
4. Carving a hill on a longboard
5. First kisses
6. The shifting of eyes of a person staring into yours
7. Finding old but good records
8. Coming home after being away for months
9. Tuning up of the band at the show
10. Wondering if she feels the same way

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Rachel Bone

1. being next in line
2. my parents in their pajamas
3. watching phil draw or cook
4. mr sammy, and when he chooses me
5. harvesting and smelling my garden
6. craft fairs
7. old nannies in their swimsuits
8. woodstoves
9. indian food
10. the ability to fly while sleeping

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Phil Davis

10. taste of sharp cheddar cheese on a slice of crisp apple
9. unexpected slip on an icy sidewalk
8. opening sequence from the film “Evil Dead”
7. a sudden crash of thunder
6. publicly speaking to strangers
5. attempting to catch a watersnake in a large green bucket
4. witnessing a shooting star
3. a girl’s hand resting on my thigh
2. falling asleep at the wheel…and waking up just in time
1. the sound of my alarm clock interrupting a peaceful dream

10 things that quicken the heart of Luisa Casella

1. Opening titles
2. Finding that forgotten love note inside the page of a book
3. The begging of Haiti by Arcade Fire
4. 919380621 on my cell phone screen
5. A kiss on the cheek just missing the corner of my lips
6. The first cold breeze of September
7. Being awaken by a hug I had forgotten
8. The red autumn leaves on Westminster Road
9. The acknowledgement of daily miracles
10. Closing titles

10 Things that quicken the heart of Kody Chacon:

10. Dancing like no one is watching
9. Fruit in large amounts
8. Looking up and seeing break lights
7. When she smiles long after you made her laugh
6. Watching plinko on The Price is Right
5. Writing a song
4. Freddie Mercury holding “on” in Under Pressure
3. Laughing at myself
2. Waking up 2 minutes before you need to be somewhere
1. The feel of sand

10 things that Quicken the heart of Ian McMurchy

10) Screaming at the top of your lungs “I am the future king of the world!”
9) Making a fake life and deaming/living it for years.
8)The Shine of lights off Christmas paper.
7) When she drops the full bottle from the top of the fridge and it shatters and spills,and it reminds you that she’s human,and for that reason it drives you mad with desire.
6) Skinny dipping and getting caught.
5) The field at U.S.Elementary and all the memories and secrets it brings back to me.
4) When the moon leaves streaks of light between the forest trees and peppers the ground with the moons glow.
3) Seeing an Ex and realizing you were in love once and would have died for her, and now you wont even say hi to each other.
2) Driving fast and mooning strangers…..whilst yelling. RANT!!
1) When the song in the background and your rhythmic humping come together in perfect harmony…and its a good song.

10 things that quicken the heart of kerem ozkan

1. the first time someone asks you your age after a birthday
2. cartoons and cereal
3. john lennon’s parts in “a day in the life”
4. other stories
5. conversations during the short breaks between classes in high school
6. not being able to stay in bed on cold days
7. silent drives
8. acoustic grand pianos in empty rooms
9. claire danes as juliet
10. the little prince

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Nadya Wasylko

10. Lifting both hands off the handle bars.
9. Photography, writing with light.
8. Running in the rain.
7. A funky, nasty baseline.
6. Red gummy bears.
5. Ice cold vodka.
4. Polka dancing.
3. Red Geraniums.
2. Forest walks.
1. Experiencing absolute beauty.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Amelia Glass

10. driving under a bridge, just as a train is going over
9. amazing the person who normally amazes me
8. the feeling of flower petals between gently pursed lips
7. hearing a song for the first time and loving it as if I had known it all my life
6. going further when I should turn back
5. gently cracking the spine of a new book
4. crooks of bodys on those that I love
3. laying unseen in fields
2. the smell of windless cold
1. the taste of ocean salt on my arms

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Lesley Wolf

1. almost falling into an open manhole
2. tiramisu
3. taking a “sick day” and going hiking instead
4. hearing a truck backfire
5. hearing a person backfire
6. waking up to find my 2 cats curled up sleeping next to me
7. scary movies
8. contagious laughter
9. hot sex scenes in movies or novels
10. when things fall into place

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Meredith A. Bak

10. tattoos on forearms
9. argyle anything
8. handwritten letters left in library books
7. sleeping up high outside
6. 1880-1930
5. subtitles
4. protruding temples
3. farting noises
2. being able to reverse gravity with your mind
1. northern latitudes

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Jamie Keller

10. veggie bacon.
9. the sound of the latch being open on a freefall ride.
8. the first smell of a girl’s hair.
7. diving in the cold ocean.
6. field goal attempt when the ball’s in the air.
5. figuring out the answer.
4. low flying airplanes.
3. the phone ringing after midnight.
2. big hot rocks tumbling down the hillside at you.
1. drunken bike riding.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Mo Cahill

10. The perfect balance of sugar and cream in coffee
9. New little leaves on houseplants
8. Inbox (1)
7. The first piano notes of “If You’re Feeling Sinister”
6. Summer drives through the Genesee valley with the windows down
5. Ancient knotty trees in cow pastures
4. Slices of ripe mango with coconut rice
3. That moment during a concert (about 3/4 of the way through) when everyone
is dancing and singing and they forget that the music will end
2. Beautiful sentences
1. Ramsey

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Diana Heise

1. When I am sitting in a lecture, an idea or a question will make itself present in my brain and my heart will not stop pounding until I have posed the question or the speaker has answered it on their own.
2. When the neon open sign is lit at Andrea’s Bakery. Then I can buy a poppy seed Danish which was my seminal post Sunday school treat from childhood.
3. Immediate love, of any sort. The kind that makes my chest hurt when I fall in love with strangers on the subway, the love for the stray dog in my lane, or the type of love in 1950s Hollywood movies.
4. The Christmas carol, “The Little Drummer Boy.”
5. The flip of the playing card and Angela Lansbury’s voice in The Manchurian Candidate and the startling ramifications of this piece of knowledge.
6. My father’s face when he opens Christmas presents. I see in him
the child I could never have witnessed, but know anyway.
7. Getting mail from the mail box. Email just isn’t the same.
8. When I am singing along to a song that I haven’t heard in a while and mysteriously I know all the words. They flow out of my mouth and the anticipation of remembering makes my heart pound.
9. Seeing the video footage or photograph that I have just shot, for the first time.
10. Animals. All of them.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Krystal Kruse

10. A good workout
9. People who like The Lovin’ Spoonful
8. English Springer Spaniels
7. Getting into the passenger seat of a friend’s car when getting picked
up to go out
6. Hypnic jerks (when you jerk awake once you’re almost asleep because you
feel like you’re falling)
5. Making someone laugh
4. The first hour I spend with someone new
3. Anger
2. Thinking I see him from across campus
1. Actually running into him at the health food store

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Jon Moses

10. Thinkin’
9. Drinkin’
8. Eatin’
7. Dreamin’
6. Singin’
5. Laughin’
4. Cryin’
3. Dyin’
2. Livin’
1. Givin’

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Megan Montague

10. Fields of Sunflowers
9. The sound of a polaroid camera
8. Patsy Cline
7. Walker Evans
6. Taking my shoes off and walking in a cold rain
5. Laughing so hard I start to cry
4. Walking in the woods and listening to silence
3. 1920 – 1950
2. Long car rides with the radio on, knowing every song… and singing along.. out
1. Being Loved

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Rich

1. Fireflies
2. Rattlesnake unseen (but heard) in high grass
3. Being so far from everyone and so close to everything else
4. Salamanders migrating over snow
5. Hiking above clouds
6. Alarm call of the narrow-billed tody
7. The first spring chorus
8. Howler monkeys and moonlight
9. Beer so cold it freezes on the way out
10. Finding the nature that’s hidden from others

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Lauren Andrews

10. Sincerity
9. Animating
8. Buddies the cat
7. Cranes
6. Hedgehogs
5. Exploring
4. Pipe cleaners
3. Information
2. Isaac’s smile
1. Kites

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Jeff Neault

10. london broil – rare with extra onions and butter
9. tongue – cooked whole and sliced thin
8. tripe marinated with garlic, ginger and scallion
7. sirloin steak – rare with salt and pepper
6. steak tartare – raw with no egg yolk
5. jerky using flank steak – peppered teriyaki
4. burger – rare with monteray jack cheese and bacon
3. tenderloin – aged; rare and roasted with rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper
2. bone marrow – with a side of french onion soup
1. filet mignon – aged; rare with salt, pepper and a little butter

10 things that quicken the heart of Kelley Blue

1. Everything that Star, my dog, does. Even when she is bad and eats my books
or a head of lettuce; especially when she sleeps in the crook of my knees.
2. Cucumber & apple sandwiches.
3. Storms.
4. The 1st 30 seconds or so of ‘Sweet Jane’. I just listened to it, to be
5. Skirts with pockets with my hands in them.
6. Frank O’Hara’s poems.
7. Julia’s walk & Julia’s smile, when she is very happy.
8. Dancing & thinking about dancing.
9. Kissing & thinking about kissing.
10. Complete lucidity.

10 Things that quicken the Heart of Ryan Donahue

1. Clever Analogies
2. Rueben’s
4. Spooky Pumpkin Patches
5. Digital Asset Management
6. CD-Text
7. Dwight Schrute
8. Girls
9. Ecler Nuo4’s
10. Badminton

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Artie, Ryan’s dog

1. Sitting in front of the fan
2. Sniffing other dogs
3. Sleeping
4. Eating
5. Barking
6. Playing
7. Looking Cute
8. Eating
9. Finding secluded areas to defile
10. Defiling newly found secluded areas.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Jacqueline Wilson

10. feeding birds my burnt toast
9. monster cookies
8. jump-kicking
7. typewriters and word processors
6. dinosaurs
5. curly-haired boys
4. usage of the word “may”, as in, “bridge may be icy” or “this building may
be under surveillance”
3. laying in the window sun with my dogs
2. cutting anything with scissors
1. getting my warm laundry from the dryer dumping it on my bed and laying in

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Ephraim McNair

10. Going to art museums.
9. Going anywhere.
8. Riding bikes.
7. Making books.
6. Making anything.
5. Getting in that creative zone where time stops.
4. Coming out of that zone.
3. Being on an art high for the rest of the day.
2. My family.
1. Jacqueline Wilson.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Sara Wilson

10. painting on the wall
9. eating a nice bowl of thai noodle soup
8. feeling inspired
7. big scarfs
6. knowing that the food your eating has good ingredients~
5. being a middle sister
4. beating drums and singing
3. hearing a good song
2. clearly remembering my dreams
1. telling absurd knock knock jokes to Andy V

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Kyle Hamlett

10. vinyl crackles
9. orange and black
8. bloody mary
7. real hugs
6. christmas trees
5. unexpected fireworks
4. whiskey balls
3. masked faces
2. slowflakes in flight
1. kisses

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Rachel Cerkovnik

10. strawberries (delicious and beautiful)
9. couples who adore each other in a somehow non-disgusting way
8. books (too many) and movies (eternal sunshine) and songs (oh yoko) that rip my heart out without being cheesy
7. illegally swimming during a summer thunder storm/ taking a sauna on a cold crisp autumn night/ ice skating outside in february, holding mittened hands/ traveling in the spring to somewhere i’ve never been
6. the feeling of kicking the perfect shot, before you watch it go into the goal. and the high five from the one who is the proudest of you
5. trees that are begging to be climbed (and built treehouses in, or forts under)
4. cartwheels (and the associated dizzy rush and stars) and laughing until i cry
3. hugs, from the right person, when you need it most, and without having to ask
2. tingling with every innocent brush of skin (with someone new, or better, with someone you’ve touched every inch of, yet remain nervous and curious and excited)
1. being deaf and dumb and blind with love, and being too happy to care if it’s stupid

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Adriane Smith

1. The ch-chink sound of old-school public library check-out machines
2. Without understanding why…Neil Diamond
3. Finding a letter in my mailbox that is not either demanding payment or suggesting that I buy some great new product
4. Sydney Carton, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Han Solo, John Proctor, and the current Dr. Who
5. The real honest to goodness smell of lilacs in full bloom
6. A sandwich made by somebody else
7. Byron
8. Life’s inherent contradictions
9. The possibility of requited love
10. Nina Simone singing “I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl”

10 things that quicken the heart of Sarah Joy Gackle

1. quiet morning coffee and a carb
2. pb&j sandwiches
3. rubbing cheeks with my husband and feeling him smile
4. big kitchen windows
5. country songs from the early 90s
6. Lenny Kravitz
7. a sincere “I like you”
8. crickets chirping on a dark, hot night in rural Texas
9. laughing with my brother
10. tumbling

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Surly Tran

10. finding little notes with my name on it.
9. being called on in class when my hand was not up.
8. jumping into the car with an overnight bag and no real destination.
7. getting a compilation a boy made for me.
6. realizing my date might be a psycho and hoping i can outrun him.
5. hearing the perfect song to match the current situation like
Thanks For The Killer Game of Crisco Twister – Minus the Bear.
sometimes it happens.
4. the upward climb of a rollercoaster.
3. getting pulled over by a cop.
2. running into the ocean at Bellow’s Beach on a day with big swells.
1. saying “i love you” to a boy for the first time.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Molly Wheeler

1. Remembering playing inside a box with my cheek against the inside
wall (or just playing in the box with my cheek against the inside
2. a warm mug pressed tightly into the deepest part of my palm
3. the colder and deeper part of the water below me when my head is
still above water
4. seeing someone close their eyes for the first time
5.that way you feel when you’re in the hot sun for long enough that you have a moment of total elation
6. a canoe oar hitting the outside of the canoe
7. the very last sound a car’s electric window makes as it closes
8. the top of my foot against the bottom of my other foot
9. an incredible itch being temporarily calmed by impossibly hot shower water
10. the electric guitar entrance in “once upon a time in the west”

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Kate Stathis

10. Finding a mix tape on the beach
9. The glow of bare trees with tiny spring buds
8. A theater full of people laughing
7. A person chuckling to oneself
6. Jokes that are still funny
5. A fantastic b-side
4. Discovering that what I had originally believed is true
3. Finding that what I had once assumed is false
2. Silent understanding with a stranger
1. completing a project

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Christina Myers

Rainbow Goblins

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Danielle Wingerden

10) to feel gently risen bread dough
9) hugs: when both parties are in hooded sweatshirts with the hoods on
8) eyes at first glance
7) words of affirmation
6) my pug’s whiskers brushing my chin while there is a soft rise and fall of my chest
5) waking early to prepare breakfast for deeply loved ones
4) ringing a foreign dorebell
3) retreating to the country side
2) kisses on both cheeks followed by the forehead
1) my beloved family

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Megha Barnabas

10. The smell of tangerines, the tang of Concord grapes
9. Games and Competition, hiding and seeking, hitting a down-the-line winner
8. The despair of Edith Wharton’s heroines…oh dear Lily Bart, sweet Lily Bart!
7. French Fries with salt and vinegar, sitting in a sand dune watching the waves of Lake Erie
6. Bach, on the organ at Noon at Grace Church all alone
5. Boys
4. The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, night spirits and explosions of light
3. Family Gatherings, stories told around a table, good food, and knowing you are loved.
2. Sun warming my skin, Clouds full of rain
1. Dancing like a harlot

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Tyler Brogan

10. Being up high on the tops of buildings.
6. Good memories of people I miss, but will see again.
2. The sound of water sizzling in a hot pan.
8. The click of a camera shutter.
5. Accidental 17 mile bike rides on gorgeous days through Berlin.
7. Early morning fog.
3. Drinking bottles of wine and writing long letters on long train rides.
9. Realizing where home is.
4. The golden ratio:

(1.6180339887 4989484820 4586834365 6381177203 0917980576
2862135448 6227052604 6281890244 9707207204 1893911374
8475408807 5386891752 1266338622 2353693179 3180060766
7263544333 8908659593 9582905638 3226613199 2829026788
0675208766 8925017116 9620703222 1043216269 5486262963
1361443814 9758701220 3408058879 5445474924 6185695364
8644492410 4432077134 4947049565 8467885098 7433944221
2544877066 4780915884 6074998871 2400765217 0575179788
3416625624 9407589069 7040002812 1042762177 1117778053
1531714101 1704666599 1466979873 1761356006 7087480710
1317952368 9427521948 4353056783 0022878569 9782977834
7845878228 9110976250 0302696156 1700250464 3382437764
8610283831 2683303724 2926752631 1653392473 1671112115
8818638513 3162038400 5222165791 2866752946 5490681131
7159934323 5973494985 0904094762 1322298101 7261070596
1164562990 9816290555 2085247903 5240602017 2799747175
3427775927 7862561943 2082750513 1218156285 5122248093
9471234145 1702237358 0577278616 0086883829 5230459264
7878017889 9219902707 7690389532 1968198615 1437803149
9741106926 0886742962 2675756052 3172777520 3536139362
1076738937 6455606060 5921658946 6759551900 4005559089 …)

1. Side glances and little smirks.

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Saraswathi Anna Subbaraman

10. seeing e.h. ride by on his roadbike
9. deja vu
8. neurobiology/ “the brain is as vast and incomprehensible as the entire universe”
7. that fleeting realization of full-force contentment
6. profound simplicity
5. the kinks “strangers” followed by t.rex “rip off”
4. theremin
3. paradigms of postmodernity/ the three-dollar electric typewriter in my room
2. falling in love on public transportation
1. mom

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Rebecca Reilly

11. glitter
10. going out to breakfast with friends, slightly hungover, and ordering
eggs benedict and rc cola
9. walking through mud barefoot and having it squish between my toes,
(alternately: making flubber or oobleck at work and letting it squish
between my fingers)
8. falling over in the shallows at the beach
7. a nice glass of whiskey, with ice
6. japanese soft drinks and stationary
5. joking around with 2nd graders
4. dancing to cheesy pop music
3. anime
2. kisses on the cheek
1.long hugs

10 things that quicken the heart of Sarah K Hudson

10. a full house
9. rusty metal at any stage in the process
8. the sound of a baby cracking up, preferably before the age of one
7. dunking my hand in a bin full of buttons
6. the audible bustle in the air of a diner on a sunday morning
5. bagpipes
4. using china markers
3. old red telephone booths
2. gnarly wood
1. watching pupils react to light

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Leeann Noelle Duggan

10. obscure thrift stores in the hood
9. making eye contact with animals
8. making eye contact with men
7. for some reason the sentence “He crouches and stokes the scullery fire.”
6. imagining what peoples’ sex faces look like
5. men with lank hair and lots of id
4. looking at pictures of my father
3. when the drums drop in “Cloudbusting” by Kate Bush
2. when a room suddenly goes dark
1. when someone listens to my blah blah blah and tells me things are ok

10 Things that Quicken the Heart of Celeste Flick

somersaults in the river
ripe red rasberries hidden in bushes
rolling on their backs puppies
surprise picnics in the park
children hanging from tree branches
the first signs of spring
down the hill night-time bike rides
twirly dancing with spinning skirts
train rides

Quicken the Heart    Quicken the Heart    Quicken the Heart

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  • 1 10 « the girl works // Apr 14, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    [...] Filed under folded, fuel, land.arch., oh my that’s awesom, ultimate! ultimate! ultimate! I read this, and it was sort of a corny idea, and I’ve railed against lists of “little [...]

  • 2 Sam Wells // Sep 5, 2008 at 1:29 am

    In no particular order…
    1. the sound of cicada’s
    2. thunder storms
    3. swimming under the stars
    4. fire flies
    5. exploring new places
    6. the amalgamation of cheese, olives and wine
    7. candle light
    8. driving with the windows rolled down
    9. the way music can move me
    10. being in the arms of a lover

  • 3 Marc Pavone // Feb 21, 2009 at 10:18 am

    10: a new steel ruler
    9: finding a long forgotten favorite CD
    8: seeing a big fish in shallow water
    7: hot chocolate
    6: short films
    5: smart cartoons
    4: cuddling that takes all morning
    3: having my back scratched
    2: seeing my home from the top of a hill
    1: momentary romance

  • 4 Sarah Moshontz de la Rocha // Jul 26, 2009 at 6:54 pm

    10. running into someone just after thinking of them
    9. the smell of old books
    8. an airplane making contact with the runway
    7. hypnogagia
    6. eli javier bussel
    5. hugs on the heart side
    4. gracious calamity
    3. finding the perfect piece of sea glass
    2. taraka’s vegan cookies
    1. awareness! love! light!

  • 5 Sarah // Oct 10, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    in no order
    1. Bugbane, the magnificent plant.
    2. lowell mass souvenir vase, 50 cents victorian lady head, 3 inches, green
    3. paddington bear-1 1/2 inches, first garage sale, got for free, with some shells. Took everywhere on swings and when he fell into the mud, his hat stuck to his head and nevermore did come off
    4. Deepwells
    5. The words in the Street of Crocodiles
    6. FragranT TREES In SPRING
    7. Honey Suckle
    8.Persian cats. Babyface
    Local neighbor hood cat visitors, the splendid blackie.
    9. THE white mountains

  • 6 Gina Pauling // Oct 15, 2010 at 8:09 am

    10+ things that quicken the heart of Gina Pauling

    1. Weimaraners
    2. Bon fires
    3. Recieving a letter postmarked from California
    4. Warm Lattes and writing letters on a rainy day
    5. Hearing him say my name.
    6. The smell of fresh paint on a new canvas
    7. Traveling; Arriving or leaving to a new place.
    8. The steady build up before the beat drops (Strobe)
    9. When you fit into your new Jeans, perfectly.
    10. Those last few sandy steps before the ocean touches to your feet.
    11. Dave Matthews Band
    12. Hearing my brother and sister laugh
    13. My mom’s cooking
    14. Driving through the desert
    15. Thinking of the day i will arrive back home.
    16. Boys in Ray Bans and flip flops.
    17. Long, late night drives by myself with great music.
    18. The smell of the San Diego Air in the last few weeks of Summer
    19. All my family being together
    20. Long talks, in random places.
    21. Just letting it happen.

  • 7 Neko Linda // Feb 15, 2011 at 1:56 am

    I don’t expect that you’ll post it, but it was good for me to consider what might be “Ten Things That Quicken My Heart.” Thanks for this website!

    Ten Things That Quicken The Heart of – Neko Linda

    1: Late afternoon rain storms in summer.
    2: Colored ‘Italian’ lights displayed anywhere, in all seasons.
    3: Peeling boiled eggs under slow running water.
    4: Snuggling on Davey, my husband, while he sleeps (and gently snores)
    5: The beginning breezes of Autumn.
    6: Rubbing “tummy-tummy” on our cat, Biff.
    7: Waking from a numinous dream.
    8: Applying sheets of polymer clay designs to recycled glass bottles.
    9: The smell of wood smoke in winter.
    10: Reading email responses

  • 8 Teresa S. // Apr 11, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    Thank you for posting these <3

    10 Things That Quicken the Heart of Teresa S. (in rough order)

    10: The first real day of warm, sunny weather after eight months of overcast coldness.
    9: The curtain call.
    8: Biting into fresh fruit.
    7: Dr. Dog.
    6: Getting a paper back and reading all the comments.
    5: Science.
    4: Coming home after a long time.
    3: Sugary frosting.
    2: Thunder & lightning.
    1: Him.

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