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Society #32

January 1st, 2009 · No Comments

December 2008

Rose puts a shot of Bailey’s in her coffee every morning before work. She says she likes the taste. Alexis tried to bring cookies to the party, but she ate them all before arriving. Tim thinks the idea of sucking beans out of a pod – as in edamame – is gross.

I witnessed David and Kabir applying beeswax at exactly the same time. Sam made a key-lime pie and left it on the counter, thinking that her cats would not be interested in key-lime pie. She was wrong. The cats were interested, and they devoured the pie. Somehow, Abby smeared chocolate on her left eye lid. It is still unclear how it got there.

The Christmas tree in New Haven is lit almost entirely with blue lights. After having a shot in his knee, Ted had the hiccups for more than 3 days straight. In New Canaan, Connecticut, I saw a man wearing corduroys where the wales were horizontal. It made me feel disoriented.

Dave and Kate went to a new year’s eve party at a house where 17 turtles lived. There was a kiddie pool in the living room filled with turtles, and a smaller tank in an adjacent room filled with more turtles. There is a single scuba flipper sitting in Rich’s bathroom. The scuba flipper has a story, but I’m not sure I understand it. You can ask Rich about it.

Olga has a necklace with a tiny harmonica on it. Barb has a necklace ornamented by a miniature metal sword with a plastic rose stuck on it. Maggie sent me a picture of Jonah’s dad (who is a Rabbi) playing with a hula-hoop in the middle of the street. As a present, Alicia bought Kenny a long, red night-shirt.

Kate counted all the lamps in her one-bedroom apartment, and it turns out that she has sixty nine lamps all told. Megha set off her smoke alarm with her incense. Emily’s dog, Martha, who is a rhodesian ridgeback, pooed in the backyard, the next day she returned to the backyard and ate the poo, then came back inside the house and yakked on the kitchen floor, and then she ate that back up too, all while wearing a turquoise American Apparel tank top.

Jon Moses forgot that he had to come to work early, and so I called and reminded him, and he came in, but he had been painting and didn’t have time to change, and had white paint all over his blue pants, so in order to look more professional, he turned his pants inside out so no one could see the stains.

I passed two kids in a hallway in the museum, who were messing with some loose bricks on the floor, and one said to the other, “I think there’s something secret under there, don’t you?”

I’ve noticed that on most people, if you look at them in profile when they’re talking, the tip of their nose will minutely bob up and down.


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