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Society #33

January 30th, 2009 · 1 Comment

January 2009

Travis always eats a brand of pickles called, Bubbies. Jack, the guy who works at the loading dock, calls everybody he likes Bubby. Leroy, the janitor, calls everyone Johnny.

Leann wanted to make champagne-truffle risotta for a meal, and needed a small quantity of authentic truffles for the recipe. When she went to grocery store to retrieve them, she had to ask a clerk for assistance, who then brought the truffles out in a box guarded under lock and key. They were $399 a lb. Rich was once with a group of people on a camping trip who had a serious hankering for coffee, but no coffee filters. Someone decided to use a tube sock as an improvised filter in order to brew a few cups.

Albert saw the movie American Psycho with his grandmother. Ron’s license plate says RONDERTAKER. Dinah once convinced someone that sea monkeys were the astrological sign for aries. Wei loves caves, marshes, deserts and salt flats…but especially caves.

Karen knows someone that has won national awards in penmanship (not calligraphy, but penmanship). One time, this woman received a parking ticket, and sent a letter to the judge attempting to excuse herself. The judge was so impressed with her penmanship that he let her off the hook.

When I was washing my hands in the bathroom, someone approached the sinks and said, “They all have different personalities, don’t they?” I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, and then I realized he was referring to the automatic water faucets.

Jim watched 483 films this past year, new films that is, he rewatched 116 films he has already seen. Me and Abby and Antonella watched 3 episodes of a television show…in a row…on a school night.

Rachel Bone said that she is seriously thinking about investing in an American flag.

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  • 1 Alaina // Feb 25, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    Bette Midler loves bubbies.

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