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Society #2

December 26th, 2007 · No Comments

July 2003

Phil is a member of the “French Toast Club” at the Quik Cup Diner. Rachel’s Aunt Beth tried to teach me the tango. Nadya gave up candy for lent. Tom lost the pull up contest (I forgot who he was challenged). Zack shaved his head. So did Adam.

Asia kissed a boy on the quad. He was almost precisely the same height as she. Kristina Foley was sitting in the grass on the quad, and she balanced all the weight on her palms. When she released the weight and show me her palms, there were delicate impressions from the grass.

Me and Martin and Ryan were riding in Ryan’s car and we heard someone playing fiddle on the radio. Barb’s sister once dated a guy just because he smelled like laundry. I saw Josh and Meghan at the barbeque restaurant.

Liat’s goldfish jumped right out of its bowl. Liat screamed very loudly. She didn’t make a peep when she ran her head into the freezer. Amy never understood the meaning of an “e-brake” until she was 20 years old. My brother once dated a girl because she smelled like pipe smoke (the good kind).

The battery from Jason’s cellular phone was mysteriously removed. He had to buy a whole new phone. Amy drove down the street and the car was making a very loud sound. Finally, she realized the e-brake was on. (Don’t tell Brenna. It was her car)

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