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Society #35

March 27th, 2009 · No Comments

March 2009

Sarah from California, but who I encountered in Santa Fe, met this guy, who is currently in Georgia (the country), and she really wants to travel with him on a roadtrip to Panama. Well, that was yesterday, but today she is not so sure. I heard a week later that she decided to go to SXSW instead of Panama. Not sure about the guy.

While Bill was giving me a tour of his New Mexico property in a rickety old golf cart, he told me that the river has never – in his time – dried up. And the old-timers he says, have never seen it dry up either. His wife, Claudia asked me if I played ping-pong. Apparently, her father, who is about 80, is training for the senior olympics and needs a sparring partner. Claudia also told me that she once bought a crane, site-unseen, from a man in Colorado, for her brother Nick, who collects these type of things. The crane was a utility crane, which means that it had hundreds of built-in drawers for tools and parts and such. When the two of them picked up the machine, they discovered the drawers were filled with cannabis. And the seller was nowhere to be found. They had to vacuum out every single drawer before they could transport it over the border.

Kristina, who lives in rural Italy, told me that the garlic and onion and raddichio are already coming up in her garden even though it’s only early March. Eli and Amanda are growing 330 different types of garlic in Albuquerque. Severine was carrying fresh eggs in her pocket and they broke. Unfortunately, her cell phone was also in her pocket and the two intermingled. This, I learned from Severine’s answering machine, which reported the damage. While I was speaking on the phone with Sue, who lives in Holly, NY, her granddaughter Amelia, brought in a carton-full of fresh eggs from the barn.

For Kyle’s birthday, celebrated in his hometown of Nashville, Kelli bought him the two biggest chocolate bars she could find, accompanied by the largest wheel of cheese she could find.

Cassie hitched 3 different rides from young men in Flagstaff, dated each one consecutively, and then remained with the third. His name is Kevin and he once found himself stranded for nine days while hitchhiking. During that time he attempted to shoot squirrels with a slingshot to survive. Lori has two dogs – one named Gable and the other named Tatum – and they were both born on St. Patrick’s Day, 7 years apart from one another.

On her first day as a videographer in Albuquerque, Moira was asked by the director to, “Take the van, go to the nearest carwash, and get the most expensive option. Then shoot it.” Moira’s husband Tom told me that he stayed at a B&B in Elk, California (which is right on the coast), where the windows of the room were designed like those on an old wooden ship; that is, they could open three ways: propped up, sliding left/sliding right and a third way….But I can’t for the life of me remember what that could be. The two of them made liqeur from wild Alaskan blueberries and I tasted a sip of it and it was pretty good, sweet, but tasty.

David and Jason rode a tandem bicycle around the great wall of China.

Maggie asked me: “Did you know that Captain Kangaroo came to Eastman Theater when I was a little girl?” And then she said, “I went backstage to get his autograph and when I did that I cried out of joy.”

Abby McCarthy can get a toothpaste tube flatter and emptier than anyone I know.

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