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Society #36

May 30th, 2009 · No Comments

I interviewed a man named Norman Greenbaum, and recorded the conversation on two 45 minute micro-cassettes, which, after I was done, I gave to Olga, who was going to help me transcribe them. We met up, had croissant sandwiches and talked. After we split, Olga left with the tapes and went off to her Hymn writing class with her friend Mickey. At the class, the instructor spoke about the song, “Spirit in the Sky,” and the ambiguity of the song, and Olga was sitting there thinking, “Gee, I have a 90 minute interview sitting in my bag from the man that my teacher is talking about.” After meeting with Olga I went to go see old-timey music and met Suzanne there, who is from Kentucky, but living in Oregon. Chad from New York introduced me to Suzanne, who knew her from Kentucky. She introduced me to Scott and Scott offered to loan me his mandolin. Suzanne left early to go see a puppet show but reported that prior to the puppet show there was a stand-up comedian who was so not funny that she left early, before the puppet show even started. Eric Jones told me there was a former classmate of ours who also lived in Portland. I looked her up and she was doing professional shadow puppets as well. Her shadow puppets were illuminated by a variety of big flashlights. Shawn Creeden built a cave out of paper-mache and hung up silver ink cave-dwelling animal prints inside and made gallery goers examine the artwork with tiny pen-sized flashlights. This past christmas my Dad got me a self-generating flashlight that doesn’t required batteries or electricity. I lost the flashlight but then I found it. Sarah told me that Jenny’s dog Gwen had an x-ray the other day to evaluate the dog’s lopsided gait. According the resulting film, the dog had an undiscovered 9mm bullet buried in its posterior leg. Jenny says that 6 years ago the dog was wandering around in the woods near their country home and when she returned, she had a limp and a bloodied hind leg. The dog was taken to a vet but the wound was diagnosed as a puncture from a branch. Kate told me that one time when Allen was running in Rochester, he was grazed by a bullet, but still finished his running routine.

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