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Society #1

September 2nd, 2002 · No Comments

Tom and Liat cleaned the old yellow porch room out when it was warm and then they sat in it. Some of the windows don’t have any screens. Tom saw Jason Ferraro walking to town the other day. He never waved back. Liat quit smoking, and then started again.

Jeremy owes 500 dollars in parking tickets. Jessica said he’s not too happy about it. Mike Seraldi broke his wrist skateboarding. He has a green cast and it looks like a snake eating his arm. Chris Miller saw someone’s little brother picking his nose in the dining hall.

Joanna Smith is traveling to Australia in two weeks. I heard she has a crush there. Joanna has a good recipe for Koogle (Kugel), which is a tasty Jewish desert. But she won’t share it with anyone.

Sarah Watson’s cat, named Growlcat has returned from being lost. Her pawprints are allover the stationwagon again. Brian Belovorac slammed his thumb in the door and blacked out. That’s why he didn’t go to the film screening. Martin said something sweet and Ryan said you have a blister on your face.

Natasha Bonugli wore galoshes Tuesday because it was raining. They looked like white chocolate. We sat together in geography class. They turned out all the lights and it was dark and we watched slides of weather and faults. Natasha wrote boom on her notebook and pointed because it was thundering outside.

Nadya gave me an advil the other day and I choked on it. She accompanied me to the hospital. Thanks Nadya. Rachel Henderson thinks the Sullivan brothers are neglecting their dish-cleaning duty at the house. There are many plates missing. She thinks maybe they just throw them in the dumpster instead.

Yesterday I had a dream that I swam through the wooden floors. They are deeper than you would expect. Asia Furmanska still eats the peels on her oranges.

~Michael Neault

This column is dedicated to Laura Decker.

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