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Society #22

February 29th, 2008 · No Comments

February 2008

Dr. Owens hurt his elbow playing Wii tennis. I saw a bike seat covered with a wool sock. I guess it helps in the winter-time. Otto, Leann and Missie all watched a documentary on slugs.

Jessica didn’t like her haircut, so she got extensions, but when she was in Texas, she got too close to a bonfire and they melted. When she was little, Asia put her finger too close to the sea lion cage at the zoo, and the sea lion bit her hand. There is a tiny scar on her finger.

Patti went on a weekend trip to Ohio for an antique show. Rich has lizards in his freezer, and barn owls carved into the posts on his stairs. Marcus is going to buy a table just to write letters on. Apparently there are no surfaces in his house upon which to write.

Robert went to North Korea to play clarinet. In the late 90s, David traded in an out of print VHS of Eraserhead for a Queen box set. Alex got a job. He’s going to play the Easter bunny at the Eastview mall.

I saw a lunar eclipse from an airplane and just before it happened, I found a yellow matchbox taxi in the seat pouch. Maggie tried on a ring in a store and it got stuck on her finger. She was forced to buy it.

Brian made a list of all his former addresses and jotted it down in his notebook. I don’t think there was any motivation for him to do this. Kelsey called me back in February, after I left a message on her home telephone in August. I guess they don’t check it so often.

Missie iced Alicia Keyes cell phone. That is to say, she covered it in miniature Swarovski crystals. Mark saw Werner Herzog in the parking lot of Ralph’s grocery store. Lynn wore a red dress two years ago when she saw Mark Kozelek play and hasn’t worn it since. She’s thinking of bringing it out again for his show this summer.

Alexis said, “I like when the internet is slow. It’s the only time I have to daydream anymore.”



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