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Society #23

March 28th, 2008 · No Comments

March 2008

Somebody in Virginia requested clearance for putting an illustration I made of a record player as a tattoo on his chest. He promised to send me a photograph of the end result. He has yet to make good on his promise. I went horse-back riding and I dropped my black notebook in the snow. Somebody found it in the woods two days later. I have yet to retrieve it.

Marissa dreamed that she made a fort out of pillows. She thinks that when she drinks orange juice before bed, that it gives her nightmares. Sometimes, I will get out of bed in the middle of the night to gorge myself on big slugs of orange juice straight from the bottle.

Eric couldn’t subscribe to Netflix because his mailbox at work was too small. But then, they re-constructed the mailboxes and they were the perfect size. And then two days later he was laid off. Gloria once fell asleep in a sauna and it gave her hives. Shawn & Yoshimi are trying to get their own children’s television show in Japan.

My Dad used an electric meat knife to cut a big piece of foam for a couch cushion. He used this same knife to cut ham for Easter dinner. When Barb was in Missoula, Montana, she made some recordings with her sister where she would make rhymes, and her sister would play beats on a piano or cello.

Nate had an episode of sleepwalking in his underpants. Thing was, there was a friend staying over at the house, and he accidentally climbed into the bed where his friend was sleeping. The friend gently notified Nate of the mistake. There was also something about the underpants, I think they were green and new, or something like that.

I was at a diner and I witnessed a young waitress wiping egg off the face of an old single man sitting at the counter. An attempt was made to make a joke about “egg on the face,” but it didn’t really work.

Charlie Apple gave a lecture entitled, “The lesser known waterfalls of Western, NY.” I ate persian rosewater ice cream from Mashti Malones ice cream parlor in Los Angeles. Kelli hosted a house-party in Nashville where – as a party-trick – a man put his hand in a raccoon trap.

Meredith sent me a picture of a some 19th century French automata earrings; one was a bunny that rapped on a snare drum, and the other was a skull whose eyes rolled in its sockets. I know someone who feasted on a goat’s head in Iceland, but I can’t remember for sure who it was. Was it Brian M?

Otto has 50,000 mp3s on his computer. Alex has over 800 children’s books. I own 3 lenticular pictures. I bought a lenticular postcard of an astronaut in space, hanging by a hose to the spaceship. Joel brought us a lenticular tableaux of a Hansel and Gretel in the woods. Ola gave me a small lenticular card with a hula dancer whose hips go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.

Rich was the subject of a “missed connection,” posting on craigslist. He was identified by his old flannel jacket (which he inherited from his grandfather). Leeann was also called out by a missed connection post. The person on the other end identified himself by his “funny hat.” Annika was twice the subject of an “I saw you” snipe in the classified section of the weekly newspaper. None of them contacted the postees.

Rachel H moved to Providence to enroll in motorcycle mechanic school. Her goldfish died, and at the funeral, she attached the fish to a bottle-rocket, and sent him off into the sky.

I saw Tate walking his bulldog near Park and Oxford Street.


chattering teeth

chattering teeth

Photographs by Wei Hwu

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