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Society #38

July 29th, 2009 · 1 Comment

rotary dial phone courtesy of craphound

July 2009

On Bastaille day, for the first time ever, Celeste Flick hula-hooped. Shawn Creeden is unusually good at hula-hooping for a 6 ft 2 man. Every Christmas, Kevin’s family buys him another novelty nutcracker. He’s up to about 29 nutcrackers. Justin assembled a tin-can telephone with his neighbors across the street but to use it they have to first text-notify one another on a cell phone.

For a gallery show in portland, Peter bought thirty dvd players from Wal-Mart. Eight days later he returned them all. It took the employee two hours to reprocess all the DVD players back into the system. Peter said it made him feel a little guilty. Both Christopher and Dominic love Sherlock Holmes stories

Whenever Vinh plays ping-pong out at the bar, he brings his own paddle. Vinh met this girl at the bar who was playing ping-pong, and she had also brought her own paddle. She beat him. Or so the story goes. Sarah jogs in a park where there is a statue of a man with an outstretched hand and every-time she runs by him, she gives him a high five.

Rich, the biologist, once explained to me that he prefers single-ply tooth floss to multi-ply. The reason for this is that he uses single-ply as a tiny noose to catch lizards and it is much more effective than multi-ply. There was a seed stuck in a hole in the sole of my shoe. This wasn’t particularly notable other than the fact that another seed, of the same variety, was stuck in a hole in the sole of my other shoe. I met the luckiest girl ever. Not only did she win a car, she won a lifetime’s supply of kangaroo shoes. Rajesh won a pink scooter. Marcus traded an XBOX 360 for a sandwich maker.

I saw a full grown man flying a kite the size of a business card. There was a full grown woman at the coffee shop called Tinys who was sitting on a phone book. Abby saw that and told me about it.

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  • 1 Sarah K Hudson // Aug 8, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Truthfully, the statues are lions with outstretched paws and my high fives are actually low fives. But, I guess that’s what makes this gossip, it needn’t be 100% accurate.

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