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Society #39

September 1st, 2009 · 1 Comment

August 2009

Get this:

I recently learned about the rarest botanical gem in the world. It’s called a coconut pearl. And it grows inside a coconut, like a pearl grows inside a clam. Can you believe that?

David attended a philately conference in Washington, DC. He said that considering the size of this particularly collectible (the postage stamp), it was the largest conference hall he had ever experienced. Also, he related that he heard two stamp collecting jokes on the premises. Neither one was particularly funny.

While at a pizza place on Stark Ave, I heard the pizza chef say that he had made just over 13,000 pizzas in his 5 year, 2 month career. Recently, I met The Luckiest Girl Ever. She won a car and a lifetime’s supply of kangaroo shoes and once stayed at a place called a treesort, which is a resort where people stay in treehouses. Her name is Heather and I think she’s from San Francisco.

Maggie was late for her flight to depart from NYC and the cabbie was also late to pick her up and on the way to the airport the cabbie got a call from his wife, who informed him that she was about to give birth. At that point, the cabbie pulled over, paged another cab and made Maggie get out and wait for the next cabbie. He then u-turned and sped off.

Down the street from me, there is a Unitarian church that will bless your pet on wednesday evenings. There is another church in town (presbyterian) that is hosting a mariokart tournament this weekend. On the way to work, I pass a place of worship called, Little Church of Chimes.

Sarah Hudson’s parents once found a turtle in the engine of their car. Here are two seemingly contradictory facts about Carolyn: 1.) She has never once in her adult life made a burp. 2.) When she was in Montreal, she ate poutine every single day for a week.

When Celeste was a teenager she wrote a script for the television show Home Improvement, and submitted it to the studio for consideration. The script was subsequently rejected, and the rejection effectively altered her life for all time. This was an experience that took her a very long time to share with other people, and it was only recently revealed during an intense game of The UnGame, a fun party game that teaches skills like, “listening, communicating, respect, understanding, and self reflection.”

Kelli’s friend Kyle, who lives in Nashville, is obsessed with christmas and snowflakes. I really have no idea why this is so, but I would very much like to know someday. Marcus still has Halloween decor around his house: mugs, dish towels, bathroom rugs. They’ve been out so long that they’re almost back in season. For this past summer, Gerry was creative director for the laser light show, which is staged around the waterfall in downtown Rochester. Abby has been riding horses…a lot.

I saw this posting on craigslist:

“I am looking for a Tandem bike for me and my sister this Friday and Saturday (or one or the other) in exchange for my perfectly good foos ball table.”

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  • 1 Asia // Oct 3, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    I would’ve loved to join the philately conference. I collect, you know.

    I went to a Unitarian church once in Riverside on an arts walk and there was an old fella there displaying his portraits of Native Americans.

    I LOVE poutine.

    Thanks, Michael, for keeping us in the know :-)

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